Mercedes Karts available from 27.8.2014!  The brand new GLA and the legendary 300SL and W25 models will join the races on Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U! Enjoy the elegance and extreme speed of the Mercedes Karts!


  • Japanese

The new GLA and two classic Mercedes models available as downloadable content!

Its elegant design enraptures Princess Peach and its dynamism takes even a Goomba’s breath away. Mercedes’ long-awaited compact SUV model debuts on Mario Kart 8!

The roadster edition of the 300 SL (gull-wing) that enthralled celebrities around the world with it's innovative design! Debuting in 1954 with an impressive max speed of 250km/h, it's still loved by many and remains the most coveted classic car in the world!

Despite being over the permitted weight at the pre-race vehicle approval inspection, the W25 managed to join the races by stripping off its paintwork at the track. It went on to win the race and earned its legendary nickname, the Silver Arrow!